Paul Ryan's 'convictions' are as malleable as Romney's

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August 18, 2012

It has been fairly well established that Mitt Romney is not a regular guy and doesn't have very many convictions. He is the type of guy who has a Swiss bank account, enjoys firing people and was for almost everything before he was against it.

No he has added Rep. Paul Ryan to the ticket. Mr. Ryan is just a regular guy with steadfast convictions on budget-cutting and smaller government. These are the principal attributes that the GOP has identified as making him the perfect counterpart for Mr. Romney. Really?

On graduating from college Mr. Ryan inherited gobs of money from his very well off grandfather and has never held a regular job since. He voted for TARP but complains about the Obama $787 billion stimulus spending bill even though his own budget plan contains $716 billion in stimulus spending.

Mr. Ryan wrote to President Obama's secretary of energy thanking him for making available money for the congressman's district. "This money will stimulate the economy in my district by creating new jobs," he said.

He also criticized Mr. Obama for reducing Medicare spending by $700 billion, even though he has the same $700 billion reduction in his own plan.

Mr. Ryan has gone on record many times extolling the philosophy of Ayn Rand, whom he cites as the biggest influence in his thinking. That's the same Ayn Rand who said we are all on our own, who wanted to destroy every major institution of government, and who claimed that "anyone who sacrifices their own interest for the sake of someone else doesn't deserve to be loved."

Yet in March Mr. Ryan could say "I reject Ayn Rand's philosophy because she was an atheist."

Paul Ryan — a regular guy and man of conviction? I don't think so.

Mel Mintz, Pikesville

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