Why the GOP hates teaching kids about climate change

August 18, 2012

Kudos to Tim Wheeler's informative article about teachers being trained to bring climate change issues into the classroom ("A grant to help teach climate change," Aug. 16). Republican members of Congress want to end funding for this project because teaching children about climate change threatens them and their fossil fuel patrons.

Remember the American movie classic "It's a Wonderful Life?" At the end of the film, little Zuzu quotes a lesson from her teacher at school. This is how change happens. Kids learn a new idea in school and bring it home to teach their parents.

From recycling to not picking wildflowers to using energy-efficient light bulbs or walking instead of driving, our kids change us for the better.

I object to the article's conclusion, however. Teaching climate change in school won't help today's children grow up to make wise decisions in the future. It will be too late if we leave the wise decisions until then.

Teaching climate change will only help today's children if it helps them teach their parents to decide wisely now, to vote the climate-change deniers out of Congress, and to demand effective climate change legislation.

That's the real reason House Republicans oppose it.

Judy Weiss, Brookline

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