Does City Hall care about the neighborhoods?

August 18, 2012

The op-ed recommending that the Baltimore Development Corporation broaden its focus to include less grandiose redevelopment projects resonated with me as a former long-time board member of the Harlem Park Revitalization Corporation ("A new focus for the BDC," Aug. 16).

It was our sense that our grass-roots, house by house, down and dirty non-profit housing rehabilitation work went unappreciated by Baltimore City's housing authority and unknown to entities like BDC.

The housing authority's low regard for our efforts was evidenced by the cumbersome and seemingly punitive management of the Block Grant reimbursement process, which is the lifeblood of community development corporations.

Over time, as we expanded our outreach, delayed reimbursements and adversarial oversight made it impossible to be productive in the inner city.

Our sense was that housing projects that were not geared to gentrification were viewed as nuisances by the bureaucrats at City Hall.

Arthur Pierce, Baltimore

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