If Ryan's plan is wrong, where is Obama's alternative?

August 16, 2012

The Sunday Baltimore Sun editorial regarding the selection of Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's running mate ("The wrong vision," Aug. 12), is flat wrong. The fact that The Baltimore Sun believes in sending more money to the federal government for programs that are currently mismanaged, overfunded and overblown, is an unfortunate but forgivable ignorance. I can believe that the view is based upon a noble if naive conviction that throwing more money into a hole will solve any problem.

However, the notion that any money from tax increases would be used to pay down the debt or help the poor is laughable at best. It has, for the most part, never occurred in the history of United States taxation. If money accumulated by federal tax dollars for Medicare are not refocused into a "different" program, then Medicare as we know it today is bankrupt within 12 years! I submit to the editorial staff that the Democratic solution of ignoring the situation or asking for a higher percentage from the rich in income taxes will help anyone but the cronies currently at the gate waiting for their fair share. If the Ryan Plan is not workable, where is the president's plan?

Frank D'Onofrio, Conowingo

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