Michael Phelps makes the cover of Wheaties again

(Jill Rosen )
August 16, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Michael Phelps has yet another achievement for his resume -- his face is on the front of the Wheaties box -- again.

Wheaties announced Thursday that Phelps and fellow OlympianMisty May-Treanorwould be featured on the coveted front of the cereal box.

It will be the second time Phelps represents the "breakfast of champions." He was on the box after the 2004 Olympics.

After the 2008 Olympics, however, he appeared on a different cereal box -- Corn Flakes and Frosted Flakes.

The limited-edition Wheaties box featuring Phelps will be available beginning in September.

He's swimming on the front of the box, where his autograph is also scrawled. On the back, there's more photos and a little bio of the swimmer.


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