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Q&A with Maryland men's basketball coach Mark Turgeon

August 15, 2012|By Matt Bracken | The Baltimore Sun

Well, it stinks. You hate when things get so public with recruiting. I always try to keep it as quiet as I can with who we offer. But that’s impossible at Maryland. You can’t do that. Too many people care [and the guys we recruit] are too high-profile. There’s too much pressure on everybody – the kids and the coaches – when it becomes so public. You just do your job. If you’ve learned anything about me this year, [it’s that] I don’t read anything. I’ll get on the internet to see what the kids are saying sometimes, but the guys we’re recruiting usually say the same things. I try not to even read that. Sometimes they might be talking to a guy from another school and make that guy feel good about that school. Kids aren’t dumb. You really want to get it from the horse’s mouth. You just balance and do your job. It’s going to work out. We’re working to paint a picture in recruiting of how they’re going to fit in and how much work they have to do to get us there. They either buy in or they don’t. You win some and you lose some. That’s the way recruiting goes. You try not to get too high or too low. That’s the key.

How do you think this 2013 class is shaping up?

Well, we’d love to have it done. I’d love to have all our commitments, but you don’t have a lot of work to do with this class. We’ve decided that we’re going to do very little in the early signing period. It’s still a big piece, but we’re only trying to sign one or two. It’s really difficult to do. You can get too selective and you try not to do that. You try to pick out guys who can help us and see what happens. We won’t know until May how the ’13 class is going to turn out and what we’re going to end up with. We’ll do late recruiting, I’m sure. It never stops. But we’ve had a plan. Unfortunately we put so much time into ’12, it felt like we were a little behind for ’13. But we’ve been able to get ahead for ’14 and ’15, which is good. But ’13 is a difficult class for us. We’ve worked hard and we’ll see what happens.

Who do you see stepping up to make up for Terrell Stoglin’s scoring production?

I think the whole team will. I think Nick [Faust] likes to shoot, and he’s going to score. He’s got to figure out different ways to score. Hopefully he’ll be more of an offensive rebounder this year, and those buckets are easier to get. He’ll get to the foul line more, too. I think Alex is much improved [and] James Padgett is much improved. All the guys we signed are capable of scoring the basketball. I think there will be nights we need them to score. Last year we gave the ball to Terrell and he made buckets, so we’ll see. It’ll be by committee and [we’ll be] much more balanced. We’ll obviously share the ball a lot better than we did last year and make for a better offensive team. 

What’s a reasonable expectation for this team?

We haven’t really talked about that yet. We’ll see how much we’ve improved. We have some good players, more depth, and knock on wood we don’t have injuries. I think we can afford injuries this year much better than we could last year. But we’ll see. The kids coming in are confident and had a good summer. We want to be the best team we can be. It’s cliché’, but we just don’t know. I expect us to be a better team than last year. Last year we got a lot out of them, got a little tired at the end after Pe’Shon got hurt. But we did some nice things. If this team stays healthy, the expectation is for us to be a better basketball team.



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