Romney-Ryan will give us our country back

August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan is the right pick for a vice presidential candidate who will energize the conservative base ("With Paul Ryan, Romney bets on the wrong vision for America," Aug. 12).

He is a very strong conservative leader who is widely respected for his intellect, ability to tackle serious issues and leadership skills, which he demonstrated during his last seven terms in Congress.

Mr. Ryan is also well respected and liked by independents and tea party members. He crafted the GOP's for plan for cutting and slashing the Obama administration's out of control spending.

The Democrats have failed to create a budget now for more than four years. They claim that the Ryan budget would end Medicare as we know it, but this is just another desperate attack by liberals who like to make claims that are totally false.

The Obama administration claim that a Romney-Ryan ticket would hurt the middle class is nothing but left wing rhetoric and falsehood.

Mr. Ryan has a great appeal to the younger generation that will have to pay off the deficit created by the current administration.

Mitt Romney made a very wise choice in selecting Mr. Ryan as his running mate, and the two of them will give us our country back.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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