A guide to Dew Tour lingo

August 14, 2012|By Brooks Welsh, Special to The Baltimore Sun

As the Pantech Open draws closer and excitement begins to rise, even the casual sports fan will surely be making plans to check out the action. But if you're not a hardcore action sports fans, you may want to carve out some time to brush up on your Dew Tour dictionary. Here at the OC Blog, we've got you covered. Below are a few basic terms you'll be hearing throughout the Dew Tour weekend.


-Half-pipe: A structure that typically has a flat bottom and curved sides and is used to do most of the gravity-defying tricks in skateboarding, as well as BMX.

-Ollie: The action that propels the skater and the board into the air. It involves slamming the tail of the board, while simultaneously jumping and sliding your front foot up the grip tape towards the nose of the board. It is the basis for almost every trick in skateboarding.

-Kickflip: A variation of the ollie that involves the flicking of your front foot to make the board flip a full 360 degrees sideways.

-540-1080 degree spins: Now as you watch the competitions you will see and hear many different variations and degrees of rotation. You will most likely see all sorts of spins from 180's all the way to 1080's on the "Mega 2.0". Get pumped because it gets very technical and exciting as the skaters combo those spins with flip tricks like kickflips or corked maneuvers.

-Carve: The very stylish and simple action of riding and pumping through the corners of the skate bowl. Spectators should see a bunch of this in the bowl competition.

-Indy: A basic grab trick in which skaters grab the board, between their feet, with the hand closest to their back foot.

-McTwist: This is a combination move where skaters do a backside (turning towards their toes) 540-degree spin while grabbing the boarding between their legs and adding in a front flip. Now this all happens in one very fast rotation, but you will recognize when you see it.

-Rodeo 540: The opposite of a McTwist. The skater launches out of the halfpipe or bowl doing a back flip with an indy grab and 180 rotation.

-Alley-Oop: This is a trick you will see in each of the different sports in the Pantech Open. It happens when the rider airs out of the vert ramp, bowl or wave traveling one direction, but spinning the opposite direction of the way they are flying through the air.


-Barspin: The rider spins his handlebars around in a full 360.

-Tailwhip: Similar to the barspin, but this time the rider keeps his hands firmly on the handlebars and whips the tail in a 360 before landing back on it.

-Flare: A flare is very similar to a skateboard rodeo. The rider does a back flip and turns a 180 before landing back into the transition of the vert ramp or bowl.


-Snap: A very common surfing trick that involves the surfer bottom-turning or turning at the very base of the wave and then riding up to the lip to perform a sharp turn at the top. That sharp turn at the top is known as a "snap."

-Floater: When the wave begins to break the surfer will pop up and ride on the top of the curling wave, essentially floating on top of the breaking wave.

-Air Reverse: Dew Tour spectators will see a lot of these especially if the surf contest is once again a tow-in oriented contest. This trick involves the surfer blasting a 180 out of the lip of the wave, landing pretty much riding backwards and whipping their board and body around forwards again either completing a 360 rotation or reversing the other way. Fans will most likely see many combinations of this trick with grabs as well as other frontside (spinning towards your heels) and backside spins.

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