Heat death toll reaches highest total since 2005

Two more weather-related deaths confirmed in past week

August 14, 2012|By Scott Dance, The Baltimore Sun

A Baltimore City woman and Montgomery County man have been added to the tally of heat-related deaths this summer, bringing the total to 40.

That makes this summer's heat the deadliest since 2005, according to state health officials.

The fatalities were reported in a weekly update from state health officials released Tuesday. The deaths occurred earlier this summer but were just confirmed as heat-related in the past week.

The casualties surpassed the total from 2006, when 39 heat-related deaths were confirmed. In 2005, 47 heat-related deaths were confirmed, according to health officials.

The latest deaths did not occur in the nine days after a severe derecho thunderstorm struck, causing more than 1 million power outages across the state, health officials said. Heat played a role in 21 deaths during that span, according to health officials.

Health officials do not release specific circumstances about the deaths but have said in most cases, the victims had underlying medical conditions like heart or lung disease.



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