'Real Housewives of New York City' recap: Episode 11, Drama and parties

  • Heather and the rest of the Housewives are so real right now.
Heather and the rest of the Housewives are so real right now. (Bravo )
August 14, 2012|By Jaclyn Peiser

There were too many parties in this week's episode of"The Real Housewives of New York City,"which meant too many opportunities for catfights to break out.

But before we can get into the drama at the parties, we must backtrack to the various moments that caused future confrontations.

The day had finally arrived where Sonja was going to shoot the pictures for her toaster oven box. It was clear from the start that Heather and her associates had a completely different vision for the brand that Sonja did. So, to appease her stubbornness, Heather and James agreed to shoot both their concept and Ramona's.

Of course, Ramona is late for the shoot and totally unfocused once she arrived. She is simply in her own world, too distracted on making the sample food than getting her hair and makeup done.

"If you want to waste my time and pay me, no problem," Heather said. "But if you want to waste my time and not work effectively and efficiently when everyone is in there, doing everything for free, than that's a problem for me."

Amen, Heather! Sonja obviously isn't appreciating everything Heather has done for her. And once the shoots are over, Ramona still insists that she likes her concept better and overlooks the fact that Heather put the whole operation together and got all these people to donate their time.

A few days later the girls meet up at Carole's apartment for a light lunch and gathering. Carole offers to order pizza but the ladies look at her with confusion and slight disgust.

To make up for the mishap, she shows the girls the M&M's she ordered with their names on them. It was a cute gesture but as Ramona points out, it's not what one would expect when hosting such esteemed guests.

Carole tells the girl that she finished her manuscript and that she wants them to join her on a trip to St. Barts. All the girls are on board except for Aviva who has another mini freak-out because of her travel phobias.

Since she doesn't like to travel without Reid and she is afraid to go on the little commuter plane to the island, the girls try to convince her to face her fears and go with him. Some of the ladies are against her idea of bringing Reid and want it to just be a girls trip.

Later, Ramona invites all the ladies to her launch of her Ramona Red Wine and the reveal of her covers on two magazines. One of the pictures looks a lot like her daughter Avery, which can only mean one thing -- Photoshop. Aviva, who is apparently Ramona's No. 1 fan these days, even notes that it is "overly air brushed."

When Sonja gets to the party, Ramona grills her on what happened at the photo shoot that Heather "blackballed" her from. Sonja said she wanted to have fun with the shoot but Heather was focused on doing the shots and her vision of the shoot.

Ramona puts words into her mouth and suggests that Heather "steamrolled" her. Sonja said that she was bossing her around and mentions how Heather confronted her that she wasn't giving her credit for the work she was doing with the brand. Ramona suggests that Heather brought it up because she knew she wasn't doing anything and still wanted credit. 

Um, excuse me, Ramona!? Heather is donating her time to Sonja and pulled in her resources to help her. Ramona has no right to pass judgment. She has no idea what Heather's involvement was with the branding.

When Heather arrives, she nicely tells Sonja that she knows what she wants for her but it's really up to Sonja to pick what she wants for herself. Sonja tells her she appreciates her saying that and that she just talked to Ramona about the situation. Then, Ramona butts into the conversation and says that Sonja just told her that she steamrolled her at the shoot. 

Ramona is actually out of her mind. She then pulls Heather aside and says that she is mad that she didn't call her to tell her that she didn't want her at the photo shoot. Ramona really needs to calm down. Is it really Heather's responsibility to call her? No. If anything, as Heather says, it was Sonja's responsibility to tell Ramona, not hers.

The reality is that Heather organized the shoot and donated her time and efforts to help Sonja. Thus, her and her creative partners chose to not let anyone into the shoot. That included all the 'Housewives.' Meanwhile Sonja throws Heather under the bus in the situation and simply walks away.

Ramona then goes to complain and vent about Heather to the rest of the ladies ... but they don't let her get away with it. LuAnn actually stands up for heather and later says, "It's really none of Ramona's business, it's between Heather and Sonja." 

Carole, who let’s face it, only makes appearances these days to make snarky, funny comments, or inject some words of wisdom, wisely observes the situation: "I have yet to be at a party where Ramona has not either caused or been part of some big drama."

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