Ravens and John Harbaugh seek to expand fanbase

Sunday's practice in Annapolis targets an area usually split between fans of Ravens and Washington Redskins

August 13, 2012|By Edward Lee

The Ravens’ decision to practice at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis on Sunday could be traced to a pair of reasons. It was an olive branch to fans displeased that the organization would not be returning to McDaniel College in Westminster for training camp and it was a chance to bring the team to Anne Arundel County, which is practically the backyard of owner Steve Bisciotti.

With an announced attendance of 20,335 at practice, clearly the Ravens have plenty of support in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County, which is typically split between fans of the Ravens and fans of the Washington Redskins.

After Sunday’s session, coach John Harbaugh said he doesn’t see why fans of either franchise can’t support the other.

“We’re in a small area, a tight area. There’s enough people to support all the teams,” he said. “You talk about football, baseball, the four teams. You can talk about the Wizards and the Caps who I love watching. I’d like to see all the fans in Washington and Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia, let us be your AFC team. Then you can be our NFC team. Except I’m always going to try to be with the [Philadelphia] Eagles myself. We can be fans of more than one team. It’s a great sports area, and the Ravens are a big part of that.”

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