Would higher taxes on the rich make your life any better?

August 13, 2012

Every four years we are subjected to the same liberal drumbeat of how the "rich" are somehow taking advantage of the poor and that even when our government takes 50 percent of their income in combined taxes, the rich are somehow still not paying their fair share.

My question to those who believe that the rich need to be taxed even more than they currently are is how will this affect your life? Will taxing the rich put more money in your pocket? Will it allow you to take a vacation or help send your kids to college? Will you even notice?

When small and medium businesses begin laying-off employees because of these taxes and future penalties from ObamaCare, I believe people will start to take notice. When our economy slows to a crawl due to the coming recession, I believe people will start to notice. I also believe that the liberal left has done such a good job of playing the "blame the rich" game that everyone but the ill conceived economic policy of this administration will be blamed and so it will continue. America, it was great knowing you.

Robert Voelker, Timonium

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