Sun ignores an outrageously false Obama ad

August 13, 2012

We have to assume that, once again, The Sun somehow missed the news story of an Obama Super PAC running a campaign ad in which Mitt Romney was for all intents and purposes accused by a man names Joseph Soper of being responsible for his wife dying of cancer.

Spokesmen for the Obama Administration, including President Obama's deputy campaign manager, denied that the administration and the campaign had any knowledge of Mr. Soper, the ad, or Mr. Soper's story, which turned out to be rife with untruths. But then it was uncovered that Mr. Soper did a commercial for the Obama campaign earlier this year and that this very same deputy campaign manager spoke with Mr. Soper on a radio conference call in May in which Mr. Soper related these same untruths.

I say it must be assumed that The Sun somehow missed this as there has been no coverage or mention of the outrageous and false ad or the obvious false denial of knowledge by the Obama campaign at all in your "newspaper" since this story broke. None. Nada.

J. Shawn Alcarese, Towson

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