Letter: A community garden is coming to Laurel

Letter to the editor

August 13, 2012

A committee has been formed headed by a Master Gardener to organize the development of a community garden in Laurel. A community garden; what a wonderful addition to an area that already offer many opportunities for citizens to meet, greet and enjoin in recreation, entertainment, socialization, business endeavors and other good causes. Now a community garden: Wow! That's an opportunity to grow food for ourselves and to share it. A location and a "go ahead" from city officials is still working itself out.

The technical expertise of planting and cultivating is already in our backyard. And, those with knowledge and experience to engineer such a project have shared their knowledge with the committee.

Just letting you all know that another good thing could be coming to Laurel very soon. Will keep you posted.

Joyce Mohamed


Joyce Mohamed is a member of the Community Garden Committee

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