Romney critic isn't compassionate enough

August 12, 2012

Joe Walsh's screed against Governor Romney's lack of conservative credentials is typical in that it attempts to convince readers that all our nation's ills can be solved by cutting taxes for millionaires and outlawing abortion and homosexuality ("Not conservative enough," Aug. 10).

Mr. Walsh's comments are a bit surprising, however, in that he identifies himself as a student at a Catholic college. Mr. Walsh is certainly not the first Catholic to embrace reactionary politics, but he might want to take note of the recent comment by Archbishop Lori that the terms "liberal or conservative …have done a lot of damage to the church's unity."

Mr. Walsh notes that "Christ never promised us an easy road." He is right about that, but what he fails to understand is that the road traveled by Christians is hard not because of liberal policies but because most of us have a hard time putting the needs of others before our own.

Going to a Catholic college, Mr. Walsh might want to pay a bit more attention in religion class. If he does he will find it easier in his next commentary to sound more like Jesus and less like Ayn Rand.

Patrick D. Weadon, Severna

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