Who would be on Baltimore's Mount Rushmore?

August 10, 2012

Your article about Michael Phelps' prospects for being on Baltimore's Mount Rushmore of athletes made me think who else could be compared to its towering figures ("Make room on our Rushmore," Aug. 5).

James Rouse would be George Washington, Thomas Jefferson could be Walter Sondheim, Franklin Roosevelt would be William Donald Schaefer and Teddy Roosevelt would be the recently retired Jay Brodie.

These great men had the courage, vision and intelligence to take a rat- infested harbor of the 1950s and turn it into a vibrant economic engine of success that we can all be proud of.

The next generation of Baltimore leaders may well hail from the world of technology. Dave Troy, Tom Loveland and John Ferber have already begun to take us on a journey into cyberspace.

Decisions to honor great men and women are often controversial, but visionary leaders are hard to come by, and we need to honor their legacy.

Blake Goldsmith

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