Back in the day

August 10, 2012|By John E. McIntyre | The Baltimore Sun

Despite all that rubbish from linguists and lexicographers and other lax thinkers, we know perfectly well that there is an English, a Platonically perfect form of the language which so many in our shadowy cave-bound world mutilate.

We also know, or at least sense, that there was once a time before our current degenerate era when that perfect English held sway, before the Young People defaced the language. It was a time when everyone wrote in impeccably grammatical English and spoke in Received Pronunciation. It was a time when children obeyed their elders. It was a time when women and blacks and homosexuals knew their place (out of sight and out of mind).

Now, thanks to Tom Chivers, writing at "A lament for the death of the English language" in The Telegraph, we can pinpoint that golden age.

It was 1955.

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