Letter: Police should enforce traffic laws, or no one will follow them

August 10, 2012

The other day I came to the intersection of Tamar Drive and Route 175. I was traveling westbound and had to stop for a red light.

I noticed there was a Howard County policeman across the intersection, traveling the opposite direction. He/she was first in line (as was I). The intersecting traffic finished their left turn, and at the end a car clearly ran the red light, par for the course at this intersection and many others. I'm sure it was red, because the opposing traffic from the car had already started into the intersection, following their green light.

Not a single reaction from the police.

Just as that light was winding down, I noticed another car headed east on 175 use the Tamar merge lane to exit onto Tamar, do a quick U-turn not 50 feet from the intersection, and merge back onto 175 and continue eastbound.

Again, not a reaction from the police, who was actually headed in the same direction as the offending car.

It's no wonder Maryland is criticized so heavily for its drivers, when the police let so much slide. Please enforce the rules or no one will follow them.

Jeff Lesch

Long Reach

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