Letter: BGE work crews deserve our thanks for restoring power

August 09, 2012

Thank you, Steven Frank of Fulton for you recent letter ("Instead of whining about outages, thank BGE, work crews," Aug. 2).

This storm was a pain for all of us, caused problems for everyone and still has evidence scattered here and there. If the public wants to be angry with BGE, so be it. However, as Steven Frank wrote, we should all be grateful to those great guys who stepped up from here and all the other states who come in and tried to clean up the mess and get us back to normal again. I am sure a lot of them had families with outages, etc. as some of us had, but they got out and did their jobs regardless.

If my granddad were still alive, I would have probably heard the same old words I used to hear whenever something went wrong with the electric, the water heater, etc. "Grow up girl, when I was your age we did without electric, telephones and indoor toilets. Maybe you'll learn to appreciate what ya got."

Maybe granddad was right, as long as it's working. Thanks anyway to all the guys on the crews who brought the state back to normal.

June Wedeking


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