Letter: Integrity of voting system worth hassle of ID cards

August 09, 2012

After reading Diane Brown's column of Aug. 2 ("Identifying the real issue when it comes time to say who you really are"), I chuckled at this sentence: "Now there are Americans who would force Americans to get a government-issued identification card in order to vote."

Why did I chuckle? Well, for several years I was a youth football coach for the Western Howard County WarHawks. The league in which we play required that every participant, from the 5 - 6 year old peewees to the 13 -14 year olds, have a "government-issued identification card" in order to play. This meant that every player's parents, guardian, or coach had to take them to the MVA and have a state ID card issued.

This requirement applied to all participants from the poorest of the poor to the wealthiest of the wealthy, black, white, Hispanic, etc. No exceptions. And guess what, every young man who wanted to play managed to find a way to get to a MVA office and get an ID card.

Why so strict you might ask? So teams couldn't cheat. Why did everyone comply? Because if they wanted to play, it was worth the hassle.

If our fellow citizens are willing to go through the time and expense to get an ID card to protect the integrity of a youth football program, I don't think it is a lot to ask for those who want to vote to get an ID card to protect the integrity of the vote.

It will more difficult to cheat at the polls if we hold our voting population to the same standards we hold our youth football players. The integrity of our voting system is worth the hassle.

J. Markwordt


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