'Mama Drama' recap, episode 4, Bubble baths and dresses

  • Jay becomes worried about Vanessa's excessive drinking. Vanessa does not respond well to this because she hates people telling her what to do.
Jay becomes worried about Vanessa's excessive drinking.… (VH1 )
August 09, 2012

"I don't think water is hurting you," Loren yells to Marcella after she refuses to take shots. Once again, the episode opens on the girls being frustrated with Marcella's martyrdom to classiness.

In searching for answers, support, and protection from "Mama Drama," the Baltimore babes Gina and Marcella turn to God.

In the morning, Loren rounds up the mothers to go a quiet breakfast. The daughters decide to stay in to plan a masquerade party after discovering the ease and glory of online shopping for the first time.

The mothers start having a nice breakfast but it turns into Loren and Debbie harassing Gina about her parenting skills. Gina comes back to tell Marcella everything the ladies said about her at the breakfast therapy session.

Jay becomes worried about Vanessa's excessive drinking. Vanessa does not respond well to this because she hates people telling her what to do, as opposed to the rest of us who love getting bossed around.

Sharon decides to give Jay a makeover to get her out of the '80s. After her streaking through the apartment last episode, I'm thankful her makeover included keeping her dress on.

Jay uses her newfound confidence from her makeover to share her diaper trick with the ladies. "You all can get your urinary tract infections but I will be whizzing in my diaper."

All the ladies then hit up the Chippendale show and Gina wants to run on stage for some sweaty interactions but instead Gina gets pulled on stage. "She looked gorgeous, she looked like she belonged up there," Gina says of her daughter who is on stage to receive a lap dance from a greased up muscle-bound Vegas performer. Marcella gives the Chippendale a very classy lap dance that her mom can be proud of.

"Whitney just conceived a baby on stage, hell I think I got pregnant!" said Sharon of Whitney's lap dance on top of the Chippendale strapped down by Whitney's split. When Gina gets dragged on stage at the show, the Chippendale proves too much for her.

At the bar following the show, the mechanical bull just screams for the ladies to hop on. But hop they did not, instead Gina mounted then humped the bull, in her bikini, butt up while mother Debbie proudly looked on. Despite her raunchy ride, she only won third place.

The following morning, Marcella and Gina hold the team up. Somehow this leads to Marcella and Gina taking a heavenly mother and daughter bubble bath. The creep factor was heightened when Gina asks, "Have you shaved? It feels like a barracuda in the bathtub."

Marcella smells a double standard when Loren yells at her to shut up but is able to do anything and say anything she wants too. Loren's logic is airtight after she yells at Marcella: "children are meant to be seen not heard."

At the next night's club, the girls have a glow stick attack and then Jay pees in her diaper on the party bus. Despite that bit of crazy, the girls bond and all have a great time with no drama.

Although Sharon is stepping on piss-filled diapers all over the house, and usually this type of behavior would invite hair pulling and drink throwing, she calmly approaches Loren about how to talk to Jay about the sticky subject. The mothers are genuinely concerned with Jay's mental health because of her diaper addiction.

The girls clearly do not know how FedEx works, so they feel the need to wait all day until their package comes for fear of missing it. The opening of the package filled with masquerade costumes causes major problems.

Loren and her twins are concerned they are not going to get any dress ups because they were not awake when the package was opened. The suite looks like a renaissance festival vomited all over it.

The Vegas masquerade ball is sure to bring even more drama, a plethora of possible hookups, and of course some amazing matching mother/daughter masquerade costumes. I will be sure to save the date.

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