The U.S. talks tough on Iran, does nothing

August 08, 2012

Sun letter writers shouldn't worry that the U.S. is moving closer to war with Iran, since neither President Barack Obama nor Mitt Romney back up their words with action ("Obama should resist the drumbeat for war with Iran," Aug. 6). Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta not only has said that the U.S. won't take military action against Iran but constantly repeated President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's mantra that a diplomatic solution is the only option on the table, reinforced by sanctions that aren't working.

Certainly the leaders of Iran are not worried, as they blithely proceed with their nuclear bomb program, even accelerating it as sanctions are imposed. Apparently Israel is the only nation that has real concerns with the ever-present threat of annihilation.

The Arab countries have expressed their opposition to Iran obtaining a bomb, but for them it's not a case of survival but just a question of regional dominance.

If Israel in does strike Iran out of desperation, I can assure readers worried about America getting into another messy Mideast war that the U.S. response to any counter move by Iran will be muted or completely non-existent, despite the long term danger to our nation.

Nelson Marans, Silver Spring

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