Will America be condemned to eternal, global war?

August 08, 2012

As Americans are being lulled into believing our wars are winding down, I was appalled to read Robert Koehler's recent commentary about U.S. power in the world ("Can an empire show compassion?" Aug. 5). Do I want to live in a hyper-militarized American empire? Absolutely not.

There is nothing in our Constitution to mandate we dominate the planet, and if history is any guide, such a philosophical change spells disaster. It's despicable that we have more than 1,000 military bases worldwide and simultaneously have created a form of armed intervention based on presidential whim.

With its current drone capabilities, the United States can order the killing of anyone, at any time and anywhere with no risk of spilling American blood. This is a horrific development that will create global hatred for us and thirst for revenge.

Moreover, I fear sometime in the future these weapons may be used against our own citizens here at home.

I'm not anti-war, nor do I ascribe to any charter for compassion. But I am realistic, cautious and determined to do my part to return our nation to policies worthy of a democracy.

Rosalind Ellis Nester, Baltimore

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