Voter ID laws aim to suppress Democratic turnout

August 07, 2012

Voter fraud is not a problem in our country. For years, the emphasis has been on increasing voter participation so that those who get elected are truly representative of the people. Now, in an effort to defeat President Barack Obama in November, the Republican Party is doing everything possible to suppress the vote among young people, minorities and the poor, who all tend to vote Democratic.

The new voter law in Pennsylvania requires everyone to have a state voter card. No longer is one's driver's license or Social Security card considered valid identification, even though those are satisfactory for most other transactions. Many people who have voted all their life may be disqualified.

With no proof of voter fraud in any significant numbers, Republicans boast that the new system will enable them to win Pennsylvania. Since the beginning of his term, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has stated that the primary goal is to deny Mr. Obama a second term.

I thought the economy, jobs and health care were the primary issues of these last three and a half years. Rather than debate the issues and encourage maximum voter participation, it comes down to voter suppression in order to win. How cynical can you get? Is this really the American way?

David L. Pollitt, Catonsville

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