Michael Phelps is in a class by himself

August 07, 2012

In Beijing,Michael Phelpswon eight Olympic gold medals, and six in Athens before that. Last Saturday, Ryan Lochte beat Mr. Phelps convincingly in the 400-meter individual medley. Last Sunday, Mr. Phelps built a solid lead for Mr. Lochte in the 400-meter relay, and Mr. Lochte lost it and the race. And last Monday, a very fast French swimmer and two others relegated Mr. Lochte to fourth place in the 200-meter free style.

Naturally, we wish him the very best, but it is now even clearer to everyone, including no doubt Mr. Lochte, how awesomely impressive Michael Phelps' accomplishments are. The hype about "Lochte's time" is now in proper perspective: He will achieve some good, maybe even great results, but there simply has never been anybody like Michael Phelps.

Bradley Alger, Baltimore

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