Md. voters deserve what they elect

August 07, 2012

Marylanders should not complain about what is going on in Annapolis. They keep voting in the same people every election no matter how bad they are.

They don't listen to the people, it's their way or no way.

Take Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold ("Judge agrees to delay in Leopold misconduct trial," Aug. 3). My God, what a joke. The only time you see him is when there are cameras around, and he sends people out to see where they're at.

Is it true that he doesn't use computers? No paper trail.

And now he's going to see if he can find some dirt on other politicians to see if they are as dirty as he is. So I guess it's all right to do it if others are doing it?

In a way, I hope he gets to run again just to see how stupid people are to reelect him.

And then there's Gov.Martin O'Malley. God help us if he ever gets to the White House. You think you're being taxed now?

Instead of digging for dirt on all those politicians, just elect new ones, pure and simple.

A. J. Baca Sr., Glen Burnie

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