Tables games, yes; new casino, no

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August 07, 2012

Maryland, my Maryland, what are we doing? Why does Virginia have a $130 million dollar surplus without one slots parlor ("Busch: Gambling priority is revenue," Aug. 2)?

I guess it can really be said we are in the "dog days of summer." Our state legislature will be asked this week to attend a special session. Why? This session will probably include discussion on discrimination against pit bulls but, of course, the main thrust is the feasibility of a November referendum on a sixth casino.

I say let these dogs lie. Don't think about giving a treat, especially since two of Maryland's five slots five parlors have yet to be established. Don't toss in a bone by lowering taxes to the owners of these parlors. It's not fair for voters, who just endured their taxes being raised!

The referendum should only ask voters if table games are viable for the five sites already approved by Maryland voters. I would vote in favor of that. It would definitely be an additional source of revenue, and then they can truly be called "casinos."

In conclusion, you can discuss the pit bull situation at the next session, not put a sixth slots parlor on the referendum and simply ask the voters if we want table games. In the future, will it be possible to not waste taxpayer's dollars by eliminating special sessions? This week's session is inexcusable.

Stuart M. Kohn, Laurel

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