Roger Carter sends 18 swimmers to All-Star meet


Seals compete at Prince-Mont Swim League All-Star meet

August 07, 2012

The Roger Carter Seals sent 18 swimmers to the Bel Air Swim and Racquet Club July 28 to compete in the Prince-Mont Swim League All Stars meet. To qualify, swimmers either had to win the final heat at Divisionals or post one of the top 18 times in a stroke or relay during league competition. The Prince-Mont Swim League contains eight divisions with 40 teams.

Seal swimmers who qualified were Jocelyn Choo, Ethan Doan, Mason Doan, Tien Doan, Hannah Green, Zach Grissom, Kevin Hu, Shannon Hochkeppel, Troy Hochkeppel, Anand Iyer, Andrew Li, Anna Li, Maria Liu, Katherine Joseph, Dillon Phamdo, Trueman Phamdo, Jeffrey Tse, Ashley Wong, Joseph Wong, Emily Xu, Hannah Zhang and Sarah Zhang.

Roger Carter Finishers:

Medley Relays

18-UB: 7. A. Li, J. Tse, Z. Grissom, K. Hu.

18-UG: 12. A. Li, H. Green, S. Hochkeppel, K. Joseph.

Individual Medley

12-UB: 9. D. Phamdo; 16. T. Phamdo.

13-14G: 6. S. Hochkeppel.

15-18B: 6. J. Tse.


8-UB: 16. E. Doan.

8-UG: 3. E. Xu.

13-14B: K. Hu.


8-UG: 8. E. Xu.

11-12B: 5. D. Phamdo; 11. T. Phamdo.

11-12G: 5. S. Hochkeppel.

13-14B: 9. A. Li.

13-14G: 4. S. Hochkeppel.

15-18B: 9. J. Tse.

15-18G: 15. H. Green.


11-12B: 6. D. Phamdo.

13-14B: 3. K. Hu; 17. J. Wong.

15-18B: 14. Z. Grissom.


8-UG: 10. E. Xu.

9-10B: 13. T. Hochkeppel.

13-14B: 14. A. Li; 15. J. Wong.

13-14G: 7. A. Li.

15-18B: 4. J. Tse.

Free Relays

8-UM: 10. E. Xu, M. Liu, E. Doan, M. Doan.

9-18B: 6. T. Hochkeppel, T. Phamdo, K. Hu, Z. Grissom.

9-18G: 15. J. Choo, T. Doan, K. Joseph, H. Green.

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