'Weeds' recap, season 8, episode 6

  • Nancy knows best. Or does she?
Nancy knows best. Or does she? (Showtime )
August 06, 2012|By Sam Hiaasen

Little Boxes on the hillside, little boxes filled with sticky weed. Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes will get you high.

When Nancy looks for work, she remembers to leave brick dancer, soccer mom drug dealer, arsonist, and most hardcore MILF off her resume.

Meanwhile, her sister Jill is pregnant. Hopefully not with Doug's baby, and when I say "hopefully," I am quoting her. Andy has been parenting Nancy's children, then Jill's creepy twins, and even Nancy and Jill themselves. Having a real child just seems like a formality.

Nancy meets the biggest legal drug dealer in her new suburban Connecticut village.

Silas goes to find RJ, who is back on his meds so he is all better. Silas and his girlfriend bond over excelling in a class filled with mindless cop zombies. His classmates are so dumb they decide to let Shane write their papers.

Nancy confesses her past to the biggest drug dealer in the business but massages the truth a little to get a job opportunity. But what really gets her the opportunity is agreeing to babysit his kid. The best on the soccer team befriending the worst on the team ... this is Nancy's new life?

Jill confirms she is pregnant while Andy and Doug decide to play pool to see who gets stuck with it.

Silas goes rogue to get his beloved plants back and ends up doing a strip tease for a birthday party. Despite looking the part, his moves would make Magic Mike throw up on Silas' perfectly tousled hair.

Kyle doesn't seem to the best play date for Stevie. Given Stevie's father’s profession, it is a surprise Stevie didn't hire Guillermo to strangle and beat Kyle.

As usual, the prospect of any change in Andy's life has led to a spiral of introspective despair. In Doug's case, he feels like a failure of a father because his son is gay. Until now Doug has been harmless, but I have upgraded his idiocy from mere buffoonery to straight up immoral.

Nancy passes off Kyle on Shane. Then in seeking advice from her eldest, she finally notices Silas got robbed and didn't say anything. Silas proves he is committed not only to stripping, but also to growing when Nancy broaches the subject of giving up illegal activities.

Shane gets caught writing other people's papers and decides to work out a deal with his teacher and cop. Total immorality is running rampant.

Andy's love for Legos and bourbon has led him to believe he would be a great father. He confuses childlike whimsy and natural enthusiasm for life with commitment.

Nancy has infiltrated the prescription drug industry and brought sidekick Silas in with her. Kyle's soccer dad's company is developing a marijuana pill and Silas might just be the man to put some real THC in it.

Nancy has squeezed her way into a whole new business by promising sleep over's and play dates to her employer (for his kid, not for him and Nancy).

By the end of episode Andy too promises to get a job for him and his unborn child. Is this how "Weeds" could end -- not with a bang but with a whimper?

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