Ed Dickson poked in eye, says it's not serious

Tight end says his removal from Saturday's practice was a precautionary measure after his vision became impaired

August 04, 2012|By Edward Lee

Ed Dickson had an abbreviated practice Saturday, but it wasn’t his choice. The Ravens tight end said he was poked in his right eye by a teammate during a red-zone exercise early in the session at M&T Bank Stadium.

“I thought I would be good, but my vision was kind of impaired,” he said. “So they took me out as a precaution.”

Dickson’s eye was red as he spoke in the locker room after practice. Dickson said he thought he could return, but his vision became blurry.

“I got poked pretty deep in my eye,” he said. “It’s a little red, a little sensitive. So Coach [John Harbaugh] didn’t want to chance it. I can see a little bit, but my focus was off.”

Dickson said he was disappointed about not being able to practice before the 20,324 fans who dotted the seats inside the stadium.

“I love practicing in the stadium with these fans. It’s like playing in a game,” he said. “So it’s kind of tough for me, but I don’t want to hurt myself even more. I would’ve been out there playing blind.”

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