Harris no friend to Eastern Shore

August 04, 2012

In today's mail, I received what I deem to be a campaign letter from Rep. Andy Harris, paid for with taxpayer money, in which he tells potential voters of his firm defense of gun rights and other rights of sportsmen, and of the rights of women — though he doesn't elaborate upon his actions on that very important issue. I feel he should be held accountable for this type of questionable campaigning at taxpayer expense.

Prompting my curiosity, I perused his voting record to find legislation he has supported on women's issues and found his support for several anti-abortion measures, including eliminating funding for abortion and co-sponsorship of a bill requiring state maternity mortality reviews and reports. What about women's rights to make personal choices? I also found co-sponsorship of several anti-immigration bills, including a bill for construction of detention facilities for illegal immigrants; many bills to de-fund and de-authorize the Affordable Care Act and several against measures to control greenhouse gases. Of the six acts he has sponsored, four involved suspending the duty on men's and women's footwear.

Though Mr. Harris must consider sportsmen's rights of special interest to Eastern Shore residents, I would be more interested in his activity to support cleaning the Chesapeake Bay. At a recent town hall meeting in Chestertown, he gave his reasoning for not taking up that agenda — there's not enough money to support the bay.

When has Andy Harris truly been in support of the Eastern Shore?

Joyce Fitzpatrick, Grasonville

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