Quit whining about BGE

August 03, 2012

I have read and listened to the citizens of Baltimore whine and complain about BGE's inability to restore power immediately after last month's freak storm ("Report from BGE details efforts to get storm crews," Aug. 1). Didn't they read about the crews they got from other states to help out, or the fact that they worked 24/7 in 100-degree heat to restore power?

Didn't they see the number of trees felled or the amazing number of dangerous downed lines that could not be repaired in a day or two?

I lived in southern Florida for a number of years, and because of hurricanes we were regularly without power, sometimes for a week or more. We bought generators, water and battery-operated radios for when the power was down.

Of course, some people complained that things weren't fixed fast enough. But we all understood that it takes time to clean up after a devastating storm.

If the answer for Baltimore is underground power lines, I do not want to hear residents complaining about the cost. Being safe from Mother Nature's unexpected weather may cost us all, but it should be worth it in the long run.

Nelly Greene

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