Citizens don't have to wait for scientists to agree in order to begin addressing the problem of climate change

August 03, 2012

Climate change presents us with a difficult dilemma because there is so much even scientists still do not know, including what is "normal" and how much of the changes observed are caused by human activity. The scientific community has yet to reach consensus on these issues.

But while scientists debate the nature of climate change and our role in it, citizens face another dilemma. We are already suffering from heat waves, power outages, and derecho-related storm damage. We should not need scientists to confirm a global problem to recognize the smaller-scale one of our own.

Climate change may be a global problem, but real and significant steps can be taken to address it at the local level. Supporting offshore wind energy in the coming legislative session is a way of contributing to the state's economic as well as its environmental future.

David March

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