The really outrageous part of Romney's foreign trip

August 02, 2012

It's curious that Mitt Romney's fundraiser in Israel in itself has raised so little commentary, much less criticism, in mainstream news media ("'Culture' comment follows Romney," July 31). If he or another presidential candidate had held one in any other country, the pundits would be fulminating about this blatant foreign influence on internal affairs.

I suppose the wall between our own national self-interests and the interests of the Israeli government has become so thin and permeable that no one should be surprised at the yawning indifference to this faux pas.

And the fact that Mr. Romney's fundraiser took place in Jerusalem at the King David Hotel, so soon after the candidate's insulting behavior toward his British hosts in the United Kingdom, is also remarkable. The hotel was British administrative headquarters in Palestine in 1946 when Jewish "commandos" (terrorists) bombed it, killing 91 people. Another poke in the eye for the "English."

John G. Bailey, Edgemere

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