Baltimore County's new superintendent introduces blogging and tweeting

August 02, 2012|By Liz Bowie

Want to know what's on the mind of the new superintendent of Baltimore County's public schools? Just follow his tweets, or his blogs, or, if you are an insider, his text messages.

The open communication's style of Dallas Dance has been out there for everyone to read in his first month. He's already tweeted about everything fromU.S. Department of Educationgrants for Advanced Placement, to the teachers union and education articles he's found interesting. He's already tweeting about twice a day, and the school year hasn't begun.

One recent tweet included a conversation with a teacher who wanted to show off what her school was doing. He also tweeted his support for the teachers union: "Teacher unions are NOT the problem. TABCO and BCPS have a very collaborative relationship. We want what's best for all children."

This week, the school system introduced a new blog called  Deliberate Excellence. The first entry is from Dance, who wrote about the need to improve instruction in middle schools.

Think somebody is paid to do all this for him? I'm told his social media skills are all his own. I can tell you his texting is.

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