Letter: Trucks OK, Walmart not?

August 02, 2012|Letter to The Aegis


It was with some confusion, I found myself upon reading about Mr. Craig's opinion concerning government jobs. Was it not he smiling at those photo ops sometimes with shovel in hand promoting all those opportunities from BRAC? Were those smiles genuine or phony?

I now see the Exec opposes the Plumtree expansion of Walmart because of traffic and public safety concerns, but he supports 400 trucks a day operating on a one lane road in Joppa. He has no concern what so ever for traffic or safety concerns of that public.

The Exec is also quick to plead a case for not abandoning older facilities and communities without looking at what we already have, facilities in Street.

Perhaps the Exec needs someone to vet his comments to prevent double speak.

To bad for Walmart that their deal does not involve payback to Harkins or the property of interest isn't owned by the Pleckers.

Charles Bayne

Rumsey Island Joppatowne

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