Your Turn: If Michael Phelps isn't greatest Olympian, then who is?

August 01, 2012|By Everett Cook | The Baltimore Sun

After Michael Phelps won his record-breaking 19th Olympic medal last night, London Games chief Sebastian Coe said that the Baltimore swimmer "probably isn’t" the greatest Olympian of all time.

Phelps passed Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina's 18 medals Tuesday night after the United States won gold in the 4x200-meter freestyle relay.

“I think you can say it is self-evident that he is the most successful. I am not sure he is the greatest,” Coe said. "It is a pretty good haul, but who is the greatest? In my opinion he is probably not."

Coe, who has won four Olympic medals himself, brought up names like Steve Redgrave, Daley Thompson, Jesse Owens and Nadia Comaneci as people who could be considered greater Olympians than Phelps.

What do you think? Is Phelps the greatest Olympian of all time, or is it another one of the athletes below?


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