Threatening to kill people is no 'joke'

August 01, 2012

If Neil Edwin Prescott, who calls himself a "joker," is nothing more than a fun-loving, sarcastic gentle giant, why was he stockpiling several thousand rounds of ammunition and a cache of two dozen weapons, including semiautomatic rifles and pistols ("Police: Crofton man planned mass shooting, called himself 'joker,'" July 28)?

His friends may be laughing, although I'm glad the police took Mr. Prescott seriously and have him in custody. With mass shootings happening all too frequently, we can't afford to sit around and wait until someone makes good on a threat to blow up everyone up at his former workplace.

Let all jokesters beware: Such statements aren't funny. Most folks know not to make jokes about bombing an airplane. Let this case set a precedent regarding people who threaten to shoot folks.

If nothing else, we are better off safe than sorry.

JoAnn Lee Frank

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