Montgomery lawmakers to pow-wow Thursday

August 01, 2012|by Annie Linskey

The Montgomery County house delegation is set to convene Thursday night in Rockville to talk gambling -- the latest group to announce a huddle about the upcoming special session.

Delegation chair Anne Kaiser said the group will talk strategy, though little seems settled within the group. "Everyone is still waiting to see what the governor wants," said Del. Anne Kaiser, who chairs the delegation.

The 24-member Democratic group could be significant bloc of votes toward the 71 required for passage. But the members don't seem to be on the same page. Del. Heather Mizeur, for example, has sent out a fundraising email asking supporters to give her money in solidarity with her anti-gambling views.

"Gaming supporters say ... table games and a sixth mega-casino are the best strategy we have to create jobs and fund our priorities," Mizeur wrote. "They are wrong."

Baltimore's 18-member House delegation plans to meet this evening -- though Del. Curtis Anderson, who chairs the group, said he had hoped there would be a bill for them to discuss.

And last night some members of the Prince George's County delegation met. "We spoke generally about issues and concerns," said Del. Dereck Davis, a Prince George's Democrat. He said their group has "no wish list" of other items they want to secure their vote.

The Anne Arundel County House delegation also met yesterday.

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