Pictures: B ranks Baltimore's top 10 food trucks

  •, @chicknwaffle   Soul food, a long-time Baltimore staple that its inhabitants take seriously, gets mobile with the Chicken 'n' Waffles truck. While it serves burgers, tilapia, whiting and steamed vegetables, it'd be foolish to pass up the items that give the truck its name.   Credit cards: Yes   Try this: What else? Chicken 'n' waffle ($9.50). The waffle -- made to order with a waffle iron on the truck -- was standard, but the succulent fried chicken was not. The skin was crispy without being greasy, a rare feat for any fried chicken spot, let alone one on a truck. Final advice: Don't be afraid to use both packs of the provided maple syrup -- the balance of salty and sweet makes the meal., @chicknwaffle Soul food, a long-time… (Wesley Case, Baltimore…)
August 01, 2012|By Richard Gorelick | The Baltimore Sun

The gang at B has put out its annual food-truck issue. Go see their rankings of Baltimore's Top Ten food trucks. Go see what they said about the newest members of Baltimore's food-truck fleet. Which truck crossed the finish line first? Meanwhile, the Baltimore Sun Food Truck Finder has been updated for August. Make sure you follow the action in the Twitter feed on the finder page for last minute relocations.

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Pictures: Baltimore's top 10 food trucks

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