Anna Benson files for divorce from former Orioles pitcher Kris Benson

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July 19, 2012|By Matt Slovin | The Baltimore Sun

A rocky marriage involving a former Orioles pitcher seems to be coming to a close ­– for real, this time.

Kris Benson, who pitched in Baltimore from 2006 to 2007, and his wife, Anna, have filed for divorce, according to an interview Fox News conducted with Anna recently. According to Anna, she caught Kris in an affair with one of her friends, who Kris was supposed to be advising financially.

In 2006, during Kris’ stint as an Oriole, Anna caught Kris cheating and decided to file for a divorce. A few days later, however, it appeared the couple had decided to reconcile.

Anna was one of the stars of the show ‘Baseball Wives,’ on VH1, which was canceled after just one season.

“I’m very sad about this,” Anna told Fox News. “Kris was my whole life. And he left me for someone else and he just abandoned us. I’m scared and I just don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’m going to take care of these kids.” 

During that interview, Anna revealed that the couple’s three children are listed as homeless on school paperwork. Anna said that all she would like is a proper home in which to raise the kids.

The next court hearing is scheduled for September.

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