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Signs of change on a blighted East Baltimore block

Vacant house where 13-year-old girl was raped is part of rehab effort

July 08, 2012|By Scott Calvert, The Baltimore Sun

She is looking forward to the trial of Alvin Ray Wright, the man charged with raping the teenager in the vacant house on Oct. 17. His trial was to have begun late last month, but the defense asked for a postponement. It's now scheduled for Aug. 31.

Wright, 49, was charged with the rape after investigators made a DNA match. He is accused of punching the girl in the face and ribs, according to court papers. Doctors who treated her noted she had a loose tooth and bruises on her legs and knees in addition to injuries related to the alleged sexual assault.

Wright's lawyer, Garland Sanderson, said, "We're anticipating the trial, and we look forward to defending the case in court."

After the girl managed to escape from the basement by stacking items to reach the ground floor, she ran up to Medley's 23-year-old granddaughter on the street and asked for help.

Medley still sees the girl sometimes and says she's "a very nice young lady." Still, Medley worries about her self-esteem. When the girl looks at the ground while speaking, Medley tells her to keep her head up.

Despite the block's visible improvements, the girl makes a point of crossing to the far side of Caroline Street so she doesn't have to walk past the house. "Even in the daylight, with people out, she doesn't do that," Medley said.


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