WBAL radio muffed storm coverage

July 05, 2012

Shortly after the power went off in my home Friday I located my battery-operated transistor radio and tuned in WBAL to listen for emergency information about the storm. Much to my surprise and dismay, WBAL was broadcasting "the post game show from Camden Yards."

As a native Baltimorean and Oriole fan, I bleed as much orange as the next guy. But given the circumstances, I really needed to hear the storm coverage.

I kept my radio tuned to WBAL, hoping to hear about the weather. Finally, after the post-game show and just before WBAL went to the network feed, it broadcast an emergency warning notification. But by then the storm had subsided, and as far as I was concerned the notification was too little and too late.

Driving around on Saturday I was able to pick up WTOP in Washington. Their news coverage of the storm, by contrast, was exemplary. The station broadcast which shelters and service stations were open and where to get ice and water.

Kudos to WTOP for their fine storm-related coverage. WBAL could certainly learn a lesson from their brethren in Washington.

Lou Fritz

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