'Enlightened warrior' Ray Rice pitches helmets

(Xenith Checkmate )
June 14, 2012|By Jill Rosen | The Baltimore Sun

Ray Rice is showing off his chess skills in a new online ad campaign.

The increasingly marketable Ravens running back has been unveiled this week as not only the newest pitchman for Xenith football helmets, but the face of the company's player safety campaign.

As part of the arrangement, Rice stars in the Massachusetts-based company's online ad to introduce the "enlightened warrior."

The minute-long online commercial for the safety campaign has a chess theme.

It opens with Rice explaining how he's been playing the board game since he was 9 years old.

He says:

"Chess helps me stay focused. It helps me stay aware. It helps me anticipate my opponents next move, to see his strategy, find his weaknesses and exploit it.

"Chess prepares my mind for battle. because victory requires my strength, my speed, and my intelligence. My name is Ray Rice and I'm an enlightened warrior."

The video was made by Vice Productions.

Check it out here:

In another clip, Rice talks gushes about the Xenith's X2 helmet, which he wore last season. He says wearing it is like wearing "a tailored suit on your head."

"We look forward to Ray being a face of Xenith, as both a role model to young athletes and a national voice on behalf of safety, innovation and education," Xenith CEO Vin Ferrara said in a statement.


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