Wegmans at Solo Cup: a familiar fight

May 31, 2012

Oh my, here we go again. The good old boys (and gals) of Baltimore County government are wheeling and dealing behind the scenes ("No 'courtesy' for Wegmans," May 27).

It's up for grabs so place your bets. Will the citizens' group, Say No to Solo Coalition, fight off the three influential developers and the county, or will they be left in the dust? It appears to be the good old scheme of things typical of our local government.

Of course the Baltimore Planning Department endorsed the Wegmans proposal to build. The developers have contributed to the campaigns of County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and some of the county council.

Wegmans at Hunt Valley can handle the congestion, but this Owings Mills site cannot. It will become one huge gridlock.

The community is absolutely right to fight this proposal. If it goes through, property values will decline as rampant congestion rises.

David Boyd, White Hall

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