Middle school overcrowding has a 'Solo' solution

May 31, 2012

Regarding the Solo Cup factory zoning ("No 'courtesy' for Wegmans," May 27), why is no one talking about using the facility for a new middle school in the northwestern part of the county? Franklin Middle School has 1,292 students, Deer Park Middle has 1,235 students and Pikesville Middle has 1,017. These enrollment figures are higher than the other county middle schools and having over 1,200 students in a middle school is ludicrous.

The best use of this property would be a new middle school so that student enrollment at the aforementioned middle schools could be reduced to reasonable levels. Tell Wegmans that if they want a store in Owings Mills their only option is to locate in the renovated Owings Mills Town Center which would be a similar development as the Hunt Valley Mall.

Bruce Thornton

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