Del. McDonough was focusing on crime, not race

May 30, 2012

On May 17, The Sun reported Del. Patrick McDonough distributed a press release with the title "Black Youth Mobs Terrorize Baltimore on Holidays" and urged the governor to make the Inner Harbor area a "no-travel zone."

On WBAL and WCBM radio, McDonough said the same, but this time he also mentioned the public urination and defecation and property damage caused by white youth in the Canton and Fells Point area.

On both radio stations, he also drew a delineation saying a majority of black youth are not involved and that these crimes are the actions of gangs and that when these gangs leave the Inner Harbor, they go into majority black areas and terrorize honest and law abiding citizens in those areas.

On the radio, Delegate McDonough also pointed out the black clergy members and other people who are trying to solve the problem of crimes by "youth."

If Delegate McDonough had put all of the information he stated on radio into his press release, and if Delegate McDonough didn't explicitly make race a part of the title of the press release, I don't think those criticizing Delegate McDonough could say with any credibility, that Delegate McDonough is race baiting. I think the focus would have been where it needs to be, and that is crime in "Charm City."

When the delegate placed race in the title of the press release but, on radio, pointed out it's a crime problem and it extends city wide, then what other can it be called besides race baiting? Headline grabbing?

Ed Brown, Elkridge

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