Debt stems from tax cuts, wars

May 30, 2012

In his column, Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.neglects to identify the real causes of the nation's debt ("Debt without end?" May 27). It is due to financing two wars off the budget and by providing welfare — the Bush tax cuts — to the 1-percenters that are the real causes.

In his ignorance, he praises Rep. Paul Ryan's budget proposal which the CBO has analyzed and found financially irresponsible. Additionally, he is ready and willing to throw granny over the cliff because she will not be able to purchase a cost-effective medical insurance policy using a voucher.

It is evident that he does not choose to understand the economics of the real cause of our debt problem nor does he have empathy for the 99-percenters. The only glimmer of hope on the horizon is that people will see through this charade by Mr. Ehrlich and Mitt Romney in November.

Bill Klein, Olney

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