Newspaper's map is typically unhelpful

May 29, 2012

After many years of frustration, the map accompanying the story about waterfront development near White Marsh ("Battle lines form over site near bay," May 25) forces me to ask: When is The Sun going to provide graphics containing useful information pertinent to the story?

For example, the article describes 292 acres of woods and fields now zoned for conservation. Wouldn't a topographic map or aerial view have been a better depiction of the land and the surrounding area? And how about introducing actual property lines rather than a dot indicating the general area? Graphic representation of the intended placement of the 400 homes might also have been useful, given the developer is quoted as desiring to protect the land by developing only half the property.

Perhaps most egregious is that the article refers to Bird River and Stumpfs Road, but there is no reference to those locations on the map!

Come on, Sun. Won't you please help us out with graphics that help us to understand the story?

Harry Schwarz, Columbia

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