New to the city or want to research perfect location? Start with Live Baltimore

May 29, 2012|Yvonne Wenger

If you're considering a move to Baltimore, figuring out where, exactly, can be daunting. The city has more than 225 neighborhoods.

One place you can start: the nonprofit Live Baltimore. The group, founded in 1997 to market the city, offers online tools and welcome kits stuffed with glossy brochures and colorful fact sheets. You can order one of the $15 relocation kits here.

As a newcomer myself, I would recommend checking out Live Baltimore's site to discover what neighborhoods fit your needs. The organization is also useful for potential home buyers looking to settle into a spot that fits their personality.

Live Baltimore has information broken down by neighborhood, including amenities, histories and average home sale prices, and general details such as monetary incentives available to lure buyers to the city.

The website features maps where visitors can enter a housing price range and select the sorts of features they want to live by, such as parks or arts and cultural centers. Or you can use the Neighborhood Match feature to enter five adjectives, such as historic, colorful, charming, artsy and green, to come up with the neighborhood that best suits you.

The website has tons of fun and useful features. Take 30 minutes and explore it.

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